STARfish Team

6ccfef 20f50dd99f7d4504a8d8b19532278157Over the past 20 years, Neal Anderson has been selling products, leading teams, and inspiring people to move their businesses and their lives to the next level. He is blessed to have had clients that range from a 2-time Super Bowl Champion to top producing sales leaders from various industries, backgrounds and experience levels from across the country. His direct Selling experience includes personally performing over 50,000 prospecting calls, 5,500 in home presentations, over 5,000 more with everyone from lawyers and law firms, health professionals and doctors to government agencies to Network Marketing. Neal even had an amazingly gratifying 6 year career selling educational books door to door 80 hours per week on straight commission to pay his way through undergraduate and law school. Knocking on over 35,000 doors taught him a ton about not only himself but what makes people tick…and why they don’t. Neal lives in North Carolina with his wife, Erin and their 3 boys.

Jackie Ritz is the founder of The Paleo Mama blog, a health and wellness website that has been a tool for helping millions of people live a more natural and fulfilling life. She is also a Blue Diamond in her company and has a passion for sharing her knowledge of essential oils and plant medicine. Jackie is a wife, mother of 2, and enjoys raising endangered, heritage animals on her farm in Asheville, NC.