We belive that unplugging is key to getting to the core of who you are, where you are and realizing the good that God is up to in your life. You may find yourself on the top of a mountain, at a Young Life Camp with 350 other life changers, or tucked in a quiet place journaling.

Neal is also available to do retreats for your team. Please contact us to set up a short call to discuss. 

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Our hope, prayer and purpose for STARfish Getaways is that you meet with God, experience Him in wonderful ways and are never the same because you did. This is an opportunity to work you you and your business. We invite you to get away, unplug, and “unpack” the stories of your life in a place that is safe and where you can meet with God. That is what happens over and over in the Bible—regular folks encounter an incredible God, experience His love, and they are never the same.


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What if a woman knew the heart of God towards her? Not just in theology, theory, or explanations, but really knew it in the experiences of her life in her deep heart?

As Women, we wear so many hats, don’t we? We juggle so many things—have so much responsibility. Sometimes it is easy to forget who we really are and difficult to discover what each of us is uniquely designed for—what our Father has specifically written on each of our hearts. How would you answer if you were asked, “What do you most love to do? What are you passionate about? What makes you come alive?”

This weekend we will take a look at who you are as a woman—you bear the image of your Father God in glorious ways! What might that glory be? What is set against that glory? How do we press into God for our truest selves and live from a heart that is fully awakened and alive—alive to our story, our purpose, our glory?

Join Robin Thompson and the Zoweh Women’s Team for a weekend journey crafted to unveil the true beauty every woman possesses.

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The Heart of a Warrior Weekend is our conference/retreat initiative patterned after our friends at Ransomed Heart and the Wild at Heart Boot Camp they offer. Main conference themes align with material found in John Eldredge’s books, Robert Lewis’s Men’s Fraternity, Neil Anderson’s Victory Over the Darkness, and the teachings of CS Lewis, Dallas Willard, A.W. Tozer and other great faculty members of our hearts… all created to take a man further up and further in to the LIFE God offers.

This experience has stirred my heart and fired me up to live in the BIG STORY… I want more of this!
God wants more of me. Thank you for your hearts and your obedience to the call.

During the weekend we have three main objectives: help a man get his heart back, teach him how to fight and show him where the battles are. To see Christ come for a man’s heart and what God is up to in validating a man, initiating him and calling him into the larger story is truly a glorious thing. It is a fierce journey for every man, but one that desperately needs to be taken.Join the squadrons of men who are hungry and thirsty for more—the Kingdom needs more men who know what it is to walk deeply with God.

Come join us and be one of the men who is seeking and finding more… There is more!

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Two people walking with God together….that is what marriage is supposed to be. Sounds good on a flier or the cover of a book but it may be the most fiercely opposed union on the planet. Come join us for a weekend that will offer more to your marriage than you can possibly imagine.

The hope and design of this weekend is for you to get away together as a couple and to get together with other couples who are walking in the message of Life and Freedom. This is a time for you and your spouse to be more known to one another, encouraged by each other, connected with each other and rest. We choreographed this weekend to provide your marriage a time of R&R with God and each other.

The schedule and agenda for the weekend will have a few main sessions with some presentations, but much of the time will be for you to walk together, or sit on a balcony, or enjoy one of the beautiful living rooms to rendezvous, connect, share and explore together with your closest ally and teammate, your spouse. There will be some great food and a great opportunity to advance friendships with some other couples but mostly this is for you to catch up on each others hearts and stories. The space is often limited to 20 couples so jump in the registration process as early as you can.

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The Deepening Weekend, The Heart of a Warrior Weekend, and the Rendezvous Weekend are offered by Zoweh Ministries.  Zoweh is a Discipleship and Counseling Initiative that serves and functions as both a Medic Unit and an Outpost for people to know and experience the Life God has for them. The context of our days could best be described as the greatest of love stories set in the midst of the fiercest of wars. We need help. We all need help.

A Medic Team: A group of people, also in the battle, but willing to help those who have been wounded or taken out. As our ministry initiative advance in this great battle for the hearts of men and women, we often come across wounded and hurting people—the casualties of war. They desperately need Christ to bring healing to their broken heart, freedom from their bondage and restoration to their lives. Zoweh aspires to provide the relationships and environments for people to recover and experience the life, freedom and restoration offered by Jesus Christ.

An Outpost: A place that exists to provide essential equipment and provisions for Life—shovels and swords, maps and a compass, food and clothing, wisdom and understanding—a place where men and women can receive resources, information and tools to walk with God well. We all need good information, but just as important, we all must understand the experience we are having in this larger story. The Sons and Daughters of God, His family, need to know more than just the theology of the Bible (though this is a very good thing). They must also know the experience they are to have with the truth. That is when one becomes more free, more alive and ultimately more of who God created them to be… Oriented!