Network Marketing Sales & Leadership Performance Training

STARFISH™ For Leaders


After you complete the STARfish Sales Performance Training, you will embark upon 7 powerful sessions that will help you inspire a high performing and significant doTERRA team. You will master leading people the way they like to be lead and help them enroll more in less time with less excuses and a ton more fun!

Tuition: $547 or 3 Payments of $187


SELECT, train and inspire high performing teams
BUILD a high performing sharing culture that is accountable to accomplishing their dreams and goals
PRIORITIZE time to align with your family goals
UTILIZE activity statistics to increase performance and significance
INSPIRE a culture of builders by presenting opportunity with sizzle
LEARN the difference between leading and inspiring
GROW from Mentor to Coach
CREATE a hunger for duplicable systems
INSPIRE your team to transform their WHY into a Mission
INCREASE retention
CLOSE without pressure
CREATE effective and inspiring meetings
PREPARE people emotionally and technically for their doTERRA journey
UNCOVER conviction and belief with new team members
COACH difficult team members
FACILITATE effective coaching calls