"What I've gotten from the STARfish training is so much more than other trainings. The STARfish approach is more of an advance sales training that starts out very simple. Neal is not only doing doTERRA but he's also plugged into the company and helping with the new Empowered Success program."

"I would have given everything to have this training when I started almost 4 years ago."

"The other trainings are more of an elementary sales training while STARfish gives you the building blocks as well as some in-depth training....there gets to be a point where you outgrow the other trainings and you don't get with STARfish. STARfish has an aura of professionalism that I didn't get with other trainings."

"Thanks so much! I am learning so much from your videos and trainings. 25 enrollments so far this month. 4 pages of leads to follow up on."

"I have 7+ years of corporate sales training and sales management was my career before doTERRA and Neal teaches me something new everyday."

“I have heard Neal speak before and love his ideas and philosophy! It has definitely helped me build my business! I recommend this to my downline!!! Highly recommend- order two. One for you and one to share!!!”

“A must read! I have read this book several times and have it highlighted and postit noted! Have done it as a book club with members of my team. One of the first books I encourage new business builders to read. So many great tips in the book but especially like how the teaches us how people buy and helps set us up to help our clients make their buying decision. Fairly quick read full of practical business advice that you will refer back to over and over again.”

“The best book ever for those in a MLM business.”

“This book is vital for anyone who wants to set up a successful business. It guides you through the network marketing strategies that create heart-felt connections with potential customers, reminding you that when your focus is on genuinely helping others everyone benefits.”

“Wow! This is a must read for network marketers. Truly a game changer. So glad I read this book and will recommend to everyone on my team for sure!”

“An incredible book that I read and suggested to my entire team to read. I'm sending this to all of my front line builders and will give to each new builder that joins our team.”

“I love this book! It takes so much pressure off of me and let's me know there is such a better way to do things. I was all in in the first 4 pages!!! It is so detailed, positive and encouraging. Great read and a must to help grow yourself and your business.”

“I know Neal personally - He's my sales coach - and he is fabulous at what he does. He is passionate about helping others build direct marketing businesses, and it shows in this book.Neal and his wife are at the top of sales within their own direct marketing business, so his advice comes from experience. Add on to that well over 50,000 phone calls and sales discussions door-to-door and through his sales career, and you have an author who knows and practices what he writes about.”